At Media City Seoul 2010

Work TBA

Specs TBA

Seoul Museum of Art, Gallery 2-B

Artist Profile

Born 1976; Lives and works in Tokyo

Izumi Taro uses moving images to document the intimate connection formed between his body and the environment. The artist infuses his images with both his own wit and humor as well as universal conceptions of life under the shadow of the media, using only the raw functions of a video camera and editing equipment rather than complex high-tech media to aid in their creation.

Izumi’s documentation of his daily life, which takes into account his own body, the surrounding environment, and the objects he encounters, reveals the intimate relationship between the self, as conceived of within the media environment, and the media itself. He focuses on the connections that develop between the all the components in his videos and constantly strives to uncover different meanings of body, objects, and space. By installing the actual objects from the alongside their projected selves in the exhibition space, Izumi further connects his moving images with their viewers through a physical encounter, forging a link between reality and the media space as well as between the artist and the audience.


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