At Media City Seoul 2010

Who Am We?: Uni-Face 1996-2010

HD video, animation

Seoul Museum of Art, Gallery 3-F

Artist Profile

Born 1962; Lives and works in New York

Since his relocation to the United States in his late twenties, Do Ho Suh has undertaken a continuing exploration of the boundaries between self and other, individual and group, past and present, and private sector and public sphere. In his works, which draw on personal memories and experiences, these polar elements struggle and interact in their reconfiguration as a single unit. Suh’s practice is based on the Buddhist belief that every human being is interrelated with all living beings from the past and future in an ever-changing process of “Dependent Origination.”

Who Am We?: Uni-Face is a single-channel animation video made up of countless portrait photographs. This ongoing project began in 1996 when Suh was a graduate student and began collecting portrait photos of Korean people who were close to him. In this video, the multinational and multiracial faces of people in cities such as Seoul, Singapore, London, Venice, and Tokyo are gathered together. In front of the screen, viewers are able to project and add their own faces onto the myriad portrait photos that eventually combine to create a single composite face.


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