At Media City Seoul 2010

Autoconstrucción: A Dialogue Between Ángeles Fuentes and Rogelio Cruzvillegas (2009)

Two channel HD video, color, with sound (Spanish) & subtitles (English), video stills, 34 min 21 sec

Seoul Museum of Art, Gallery 3-F

Artist Profile

Born 1968; Lives and works in Mexico City

Best known for his sculptural works that bring ready-mades such as scrap wood, handmade craft, and simple tools together in strangely familiar compositions, Abraham Cruzvillegas seeks to develop an art practice engaged with his everyday surroundings.

For Media City Seoul 2010, Cruzvillegas presents a two-channel video installation in which his parents share stories about their commitment to build a house and a sense of home in Ajusco, a part of Mexico City once thought to be uninhabitable. Through individual yet interconnected dialogues, Ángeles Fuentes and Rogelio Cruzvillegas recall developing a social architecture based on collaboration between friends and family that arose parallel with—and perhaps in solidarity against—the fragmented process of building that physically defines the neighborhood to this day. He has explored autoconstrucción (roughly translated as “self-construction”), a methodology and form of building that utilizes improvised construction techniques and materials as responses to particular needs.

Cruzvillegas’s practice of autoconstrucción extends beyond the gallery walls to affect other public platforms: the artist plans to publish photographs of Ajusco’s autoconstrucción in the newspaper Korea Economic Daily as well as project them on the “Media Canvas at Seoul Square.”


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