KIM Beom

At Media City Seoul 2010

Untitled (News) (2002)

1-channel video, 1 min 42 sec

Seoul Museum of Art, Gallery 3-c

Artist Profile

Born 1963; Lives and works in Seoul

Kim Beom explores the formation of new relationships between images and concepts through a wide range of media, including drawings, installations, videos, publications and objects. Particularly concerned with ways of “seeing” and cognition in relation to sight—the basis of visual art—Kim continuously reveals the tension and conflict between visual perception and false mind. By suggesting images formed on the retina and works that escape from socially normative notions, Kim invites viewers to abandon fixed ideas and contemplate the world from a different perspective.

Untitled (News) is made up of recorded and re-edited cable television news programs. Working from the basic acknowledgement that television programs represent the fundamental synthesis of visual image and spoken language of our age, the artist breaks them down into syllables and fabricates four stories out of the actual accounts delivered by anchorpersons. The text presents an alternative to the mass media, which has a monopoly on informing us of what takes place in the world and on the personal thoughts of individuals accustomed to viewing the reality exclusively through this controlled lens. Kim uses news, which incorporates images and spoken language, as source material in the construction of his own version of “news” and what he believes is “news-worthy.” The content of Kim’s “news,” therefore, reveals the nature of mass media, which selects, edits, translates, and criticizes stories about the world while crossing boundaries between fiction and nonfiction, truth and falsehood, society and individual, and public affairs and daily life.


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