At Media City Seoul 2010

Orange (2004)

sequence of 81 color slides, soundproof box

Bouquet VII (2010)

installation (materials TBA)

Seoul Museum of Art, Atrium

Artist Profile

Born 1969; Lives and works in Amsterdam

By referencing contextual images of culture, history, politics, and society, Willem de Rooij inquires into the societal reality that exists beyond aesthetic meaning encompassing composition and form. Through various media such as film, installation, and photography, he poses questions about the connection between seeing and recognizing and provokes the audience’s awareness of that relationship.

Orange, co-produced with Jereon de Rijke between 1994 and 2006, continuously shows 80 images of the color orange, during which time the viewer discovers subtle color changes in each image. Orange, the official color of the Netherlands deriving from the name of the royal House of Orange-Nassau, provides a context for this work, implying the country’s nationalism and the significance therein through the orange color.

Bouquet VII is the seventh work in the “Bouquet” series, which began in 2003. It is being shown for the first time at Media City Seoul 2010. For the current work, the artist collaborated with Kim Da Ra, a florist, to create a bouquet of different types and sizes of pink flowers. The flowers in the bouquet, half real and half artificial, are each unique in color due to subtle differences in hue. In this work, the artist blurs of the boundary between the real and the artificial as the differences in each are gathered together and the division between truth and falsehood dissolves.


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