Media City Seoul is very easy to reach via public transportation.  Parking is limited at the venues, and so you are encouraged to take bus or subway.  Everything is located very close to the City Hall area, easily identified by wide-open elliptical lawn, named Seoul Plaza.

Media City Seoul 2010 Area Map

Walking from Seoul Plaza / City Hall

Facing toward the City Hall building (currently under construction), the venues are located across the street to the left.  You will see a large traditional gate, the entrance to Deoksugung— you can’t miss it.

Walk down the small street to the left of the gate (look for the Dunkin’ Donuts).  Follow this street as it winds its way toward the museum.

You will arrive at a small traffic circle, featuring this interesting sculpture:

From here, walk up the gentle hill to your left to go to the Seoul Museum of Art. To go to the other venues, continue straight.  The entrance to Ehwa Girls’ High School (Simpson Memorial Hall) will be on your left.

Later, you will come to a bigger street:

After crossing the street, turn right and walk toward the skyscraper. You’ll pass this prosthetics shop:

Once you pass the tall building (Police Museum), turn left and find the entrance to Gyeonghuigung (Gyeonghui Palace), where the Gyeonghuigung Annex of the Seoul Museum of Art and the Seoul Museum of History are located.


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