At Media City Seoul 2010

Miss Hyunsook, a Bright Pigeon, Gyeongseong (2010)

video installation

Seoul Museum of Art, Gallery 2-D

Artist Profile

Born 1970; Lives and works in Seoul

Yangachi bases his practice in storytelling, condensing historical fact, symbols of capitalist society and structures of power along with his own personal views to create a fiction and object by reconstructing reality and imagination. Through video, performance, sound, photography, and installation, he creates a space for critical dialogue on contemporary society.

Miss Hyunsook, a Bright Pigeon, Gyeongseong tells the story of a pigeon and Miss Hyunsook, creating an intimate network of connections between the world possessed by spirits, the world of birds, and the world of ever-shifting perspectives. In this work, Miss Hyunsook neither thinks of herself as nor trusts herself to be a consistent and affirmative being. Further, since she cannot experience the existing order and system definitively and lives only by depending on various ever-shifting perspectives, she cannot arrive at the vanishing point herself. Indeed, Miss Hyunsook lives in a world as experienced through other worlds—those of spirits, birds, ever-shifting perspectives—which may be why she concedes everything, her reality consisting of the condition in which only premises are possible. Miss Hyunsook, then, cannot develop clear-cut comments or positions but remains relegated to the periphery, relying on unclear preconditions rather than definitive results.


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