At Media City Seoul 2010

I Hate Karl Marx (2010)

single channel video, 5 min 43 sec

Seoul Museum of Art, 2nd floor promenade

Artist Profile

Born 1961; Lives and works in New York

Rainer Ganahl, who has a background in philosophy and history, is a conceptual artist who investigates broad subjects including language, learning systems such as lectures and seminars, immigration culture, media, race, and social class. He is particularly interested in foreign languages and constructs a concept by adopting interviews and seminar as formats for his artistic practice.

I Hate Karl Marx, which is set in Berlin in 2045, reflects the artist’s diverse interests.  In the video, a German woman stands in front of the Karl Marx in Berlin-Stralau, screaming that Germany and Europe have lost their place because of China’s rapid capital and economic growth. This work illustrates the irony of a westerner who uses Chinese to bemoan a Sinified future, complaining that the whole world will soon be dominated by China, a country that was once influenced by Marxism. Despite the video’s contents, the artist asserts that the work expresses not anti-Chinese sentiments but rather the fear that China will gradually overshadow the West.


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