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PHOTOS: Mark Bradford at Media City Seoul

30 Aug

With under a week to go until the opening of Media City Seoul 2010, the participating artists have begun to arrive in earnest.  Today saw Blast Theory and Mark Bradford join the ranks of those already here to install their work.

Bradford’s piece, which was unloaded from the crate today, is a massive canvas, 12.2 x 3 meters in size (proportionate in size with the artist himself, who towers over the average Korean citizen, at well over six feet tall).  Photos are below from the first stage of installation.

As an aside, Bradford may be continuing to work on the piece over the next few days: “I won’t know if it’s finished until I see it up on the wall.”  We’re looking forward to seeing what the final outcome will be like.

Mark Bradford (left) monitors the unpacking of his new work, "Kingdom Day," to be shown at Media City Seoul 2010

Art handlers lift Bradford’s massive rolled canvas from its crate

Try this on for size: this is what 12.2 meters looks like on a wall

Along with his canvas, Mark Bradford shipped a box full of “found paper,” some of which will be used to complete his piece for Media City Seoul 2010

“Mark Bradford -equipment-” … the red marker means it’s official


An abundance of technology

30 Aug

Since Media City Seoul is a media art biennial, there is necessarily a lot of technology involved.   Countless projectors, flatscreen TV displays, and wiring that seems to go on for days.  Here are some photos from this morning that show just how much equipment is involved (and this is just a portion of the overall total).

Unloading projectors by the van-ful at Seoul Museum of Art

TVs, projectors, etc all awaiting unpacking and installation

GALLERY: Installation begins at Seoul Museum of Art

27 Aug

With just nine days until the VIP/press preview of Media City Seoul 2010, installation at Seoul Museum of Art has begun.  The past few days have been devoted to construction of temporary walls to create the intimate spaces where many of the video works will be presented, as well as painting and other preparations. However, with today’s arrival of co-curator Clara Kim (REDCAT, Los Angeles), the first of the photo installations are now being hung.

(Click thumbnails to magnify images)

UPDATE: Artist profiles posted!

26 Aug

With the guidebook for Media City Seoul 2010 in its finishing stages, we’re happy to get our hands on the artist profiles for the 45 artists participating in the biennial.  You can find biographical information there as well as information related to the works being presented at Media City Seoul.  Photos are forthcoming (installation views, ideally!) and we hope that you’ll find some good information there.

Comments and suggestions are appreciated.

Media City Seoul flags go up at SeMA

25 Aug

The publicity blitz continues to pick up steam: today the Media City Seoul flags were installed around the Seoul Museum of Art, replacing the Rodin flags that have been a fixture in the area for the past four months.

We’ll miss seeing The Thinker perched on all the flagposts, but it’s nice to see a change of pace.  Sadly, the flags are all in Korean!  They do look sharp, though.

PHOTOS: Kim Sung Hwan

24 Aug

Kim Sung Hwan brought his newly completed video work, Corn and Washing the Brain, which will be presented for the first time at Media City Seoul 2010.  Here, the artist and Media City Seoul Artistic Director Kim Sunjung talk while technicians prep the projection.

And here are the first images of Kim’s new video, projected on the wall of the office (just to make sure the files are compatible):