Trust is the theme of this year’s Media City Seoul exhibition, the 6th Seoul International Biennale of Media Art.  Held from 7 September to 17 November, 2010, Media City Seoul will bring together over 40 artists from the international media art community in a celebration of their work and investigation of the different interpretations of “trust” in the world today.

Drawing on the successes of the five previous editions of the Seoul Media Art Biennale project, Media City Seoul represents a collaboration between artists, curators, and the city of Seoul to provide a forum for dialogue and discovery through media art. It seems most appropriate that Seoul–a major hub of tech innovation and the communications industry–acts as host for this event, which features artists known for their use of film, video, and other technologies.  If the artists pay homage to Seoul’s technological innovation, the city reciprocally manifests its trust in those same individuals by providing them with a (temporary) home for their creations.

Spread throughout four venues in the historic downtown area of Seoul, Media City Seoul offers visitors an opportunity to experience the best of media art in an environment uniquely suited to its exhibition.

TRUST – exhibition overview, from Media City Seoul’s press release

THE LOGO – what does it mean?


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