At Media City Seoul 2010

As if it were the last time 2009

Subtlemob performance

Seoul Museum of Art courtyard

Artist Profile

Born 1976; Lives and works in Bristol

The sound work of Duncan Speakman delicately handles the connections formed environmentally, psychologically, and physically and becomes a medium for exchange between the domains of sound, music, and documentation. For Speakman, who started out his career as a sound engineer, sound does not stop at being a mere listening experience, but rather communicates and expands with all the outer elements contained in time and space—the “here and now”—together with memories implanted deep within the subject and the inner emotions of each moment. Speakman includes the spaces of life in his works, such as the areas between city buildings, public squares, cafés, and rural roads. The process of acceptance itself becomes an integral part of the work.

As if it were the last time is a subtlemob project. Anyone who wishes to participate will be able to connect to the Internet, download an MP3 and save it on a portable device. They will meet with other participants at a designated time and place where they will undergo the experience together. Each individual who experiences the impromptu elements and recorded sounds, as well as the interactive moments that occur in the public space within the simultaneously private and mutual relationship of the work’s format, will collectively create a scene of sounds.


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