At Media City Seoul 2010

This is new (2003)

interactive performance

Seoul Museum of Art (exhibition entrance)

Artist Profile

Born 1976; Lives and works in Berlin

Specializing in contemporary dance and political economy, Tino Sehgal tackles political issues inherent within contemporary art using an entirely new methodology rather than the extant thematic approaches. Sehgal’s works use fundamental methods of expression, such as movement, speech, acting, and singing, to facilitate particular situations which function not through modification of materials but transformation of action.

This is New is a series of situational plays in which an impromptu conversation takes place between the ticket-taker and individuals at the exhibition’s entrance. This work begins the moment the ticket-taker references an unpredictable quote—likely a today’s newspaper headline—to visitors entering the art gallery. This piece turns society’s fixation with news via one’s preferred source of information/stimulation (literally “what is new”) back on itself, prompting an unconditioned response to the unexpected (the “new”) when it enters into one’s life without invitation.  By encountering these unforeseen situations, exhibition visitors will come to reflect on the very definition of an art gallery, the meaning of an admission ticket, the role of the ticket-taker, and their own identities.


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