1. At Media City Seoul 2010

O fim do Sem Fim (The End of the Endless) (2001)

DV/color/Dolby Digital 92 min

SeMA Gyeonghuigung Annex, Gallery G-2

Artist Profile

Born 1965/1964/1965; Live and work in São Paulo/Belo Horizonte/Campinas

The collaborative work of Lucas Bambozzi, Cao Guimarães and Beto Magalhães, and, is based in documentary film, though their individual practice incorporates other media. Bambozzi has been developing the expressive potentiality of media using a wide variety of formats, such as video-installations, single channel videos, short films, music videos, and interactive work. Since the 1980s, Magalhães has been working as a producer and director of cinema and video as well as an organizer of video festivals. Guimarães expresses sentimental experience through film, installation and publication. Their collaborative projects focus on ephemera in contemporary culture and notions of transience and place.

End of Endless examines the disappearance of certain occupations rendered obsolete as a consequence of modern innovations. It composes an immersive picture about the creative geniality and the resistance against new cultural forms and technological trends. The film presents a contrast to prevailing attitudes toward modern technology and ways of life by examining the idiosyncratic niche-trades characteristic of a past era.  By placing the faces and stories of effected people throughout Brazil as a subtext for the accomplishments of modernization, the artists promote an engaged assessment of the implications of our age’s imperative for progress.


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