Christodoulos PANAYIOTOU

At Media City Seoul 2010

I Land 2010

160 black and white slides; images from the Press and Information Office, Republic of Cyprus

Seoul Museum of Art, Gallery 3-A

Artist Profile

Born 1978; Lives and works in Berlin

Combining a background in archaeology and dance, Christodoulos Panayiotou refocuses and reinterprets official public images by referring to past events or extravagant attractions from an archaeological perspective, while simultaneously emphasizing the spectacle of the images by maximizing theatrical and performance-oriented elements.

Unlike other artists from war-torn regions who tend to translate the horror and cruelty of war into direct source material for their work, Panayiotou, who is from the politically unstable nation of Cyprus, depicts his country’s political/social/cultural context in a gentle and calm manner, using official public records or reports as a medium. Utilizing archived images of Cyprus, the works Never Land (2008), Wonder Land (2008), and I Land (2010) depict the shape of the modern history of Cyprus.

I Land is composed of 160 black-and-white slides based on photographs archived by Cyprus’s Bureau of Public Information. These pictures document the activities of Cyprus’s first president, Archbishop Makarios III, who held office from 1960 to 1977, and his ministers. Panayiotou is not only interested in the aesthetic value of the time captured in the archived images; he is also interested in the values acquired through the process of accumulating the records. This leads him to inquire into what kind of perspectives and interpretations could be contained in the archived images which reveal the history and identity of a nation.


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