At Media City Seoul 2010

Targeted Killing (2010)

photo series, digital prints

Seoul Museum of Art, Gallery 1-H

Artist Profile

Born 1959; Lives and works in Tel Aviv

Miki Kratzman was born in Argentina and immigrated to Israel in 1971. He has been recording scenes of border regions in Israel and Palestine and the daily lives of Palestinians for more than 20 years, revealing how their everyday routines have been threatened by terror and conflicts.

Targeted Killing is a photographic series that shows views of a Palestinian refugee town seen from Mount Scopus, located northeast of Jerusalem. Kratsman metaphorically addresses the many assassinations committed by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) with the support of Israeli society, justified as a means of preventing terrorism in the Israel-Palestine conflict. The Palestinians featured in his photos are ordinary people who have no actual connection to the action referred to in the title. Nonetheless, these images provoke tension, as if depicting the critical moment between assassin and target. This effect was created by a special lens designed for an unmanned aerial vehicle, a device frequently used by the IDF for assassinating anti-Israel forces, which the artist adapted for his camera.


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